N.B.R. Coaches

The first THREE of the North British Railway 8-wheel suburban coaches designed by Holmes (Luggage Composite, 8-Compartment Third and 7-Compartment First) are now AVAILABLE and will be supplied with injection moulded roofs, wheels, seating, sprung buffers and glazing inside a box large enough to store the completed model - Kits are currently priced at 190GBP including UK postage.

The 6-wheel coaches originally sold as 'scratch building aids' have been temporarily withdrawn in order that I can rebrand them as complete coach kits of a standard similar to the longer 8-wheelers. For those who have bought these etches in the past, most components required to complete the coaches are available separately, including the correct size (4ft) Mansell wheels.

The range of 6-wheel coaches will be re-launched (March 2019) with an entirely new kit for the 'Scotsman' Passenger Brake Van - orders are now being taken.

8-wheel coaches
C002 Holmes (49' 8.5" x 7'6" wide) 8-Compartment 3rd (Dia 2) 190GBP including postage
C003 Holmes (49' 8.5" x 7'6" wide) non-corridor Luggage Composite (Dia 3) 190GBP including postage
C001 Holmes (49' 8.5" x 7'6" wide) non-corridor 7-compartment 1st (Dia 1) 190GBP including postage
C004 Holmes (49' 8.5" x 7'6" wide) non-corridor 7 Compartment Brake 3rd (Dia 4) Note of Interest
6-wheel coaches
C009 Holmes (30' x 7'6" wide) Scotsman Passenger Brake Van (Dia 25 26 24A) 130GBP including postage
C006 Holmes (35' 6.5" x 7'6" wide) 5-Compartment 1st - last one available 90GBP plus postage
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Main Image
Drummond (30' x 7'6" wide) 'Scotsman' Passenger Brake Van (Dia 25/26/24A)
This shows the test build of the completed Passenger Brake Van with later Holmes duckets. The kit will include wheels, an injection moulded roof, internal partitions, glazing, screw link couplings and lost wax brass castings (including axleboxes!).